'Andre' LIVE from Rap-Up Sessions! :) 

'Demonstrate' live from Rap-Up Sessions :) 

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 ’The Christmas Song’ Live from That Grape Juice’s “The Splash” :)

Check out Demonstrate LIVE from TGJ’s The Splash :)


Download my labor of love, AGÁPĒ,HERE” —> http://www.audiomack.com/album/jojo/agape


My name is Joanna Noëlle Levesque and I’ve loved music more and longer than I’ve ever consistently loved anything in life. Music wakes me up and puts me to bed every single day, without fail. I obsess over it. I want to know everything about it! I want to snuggle with it at night. I want to be as close to it as friggin’ possible. When I was 17, I wanted to make it official. I snuck away from the hotel room my mom and I were staying at and got a tattoo. On my ring finger on the left hand; a treble clef. BAM. To remind me not to let anything, or anyone take precendent over the perfect mate I had in music. I feel often like I’m better explaining myself through song. Better than trying to talk about it. The older I got and the more music I inhaled and was exposed to, songwriting and interpreting other people’s songs became my most gratifying form of release. I felt the passion of my favorite artists coming through their records and I always wanted to emote like that. To be so powerful and connected so as to radiate such energy and truth. 

I thought about naming this collection of songs “Live Free or Die” after the New Hampshire state motto (which inspired the tattoo on the back of my neck), but upon further thought, it sounded dramatic and militant and scary. And that it SO not what this is all about! Its really about friends coming together and bonding over a mutual love for music then seeing what grows out of it. Not about industry politics, agendas, empty-promises, ego, swag, pretension, or a budget of any kind.

THANK YOU for listening. You don’t know what it means to me to have a platform to express myself and interact with you. Doing what I love is an honor and a privilege. One that I take to heart. Oh to be making music in the modern time…The internet has changed my life, man! Who’da thunk it. I’m thankful and more excited than ever for the future. My story is unique, confusing, and tumultuous at times. But I wouldn’t trade it for the world. 





Produced by Jahi Sundance/State of Emergency & Thundercat
Written by JoJo & Jahi Sundance/State of Emergency

We Get By
Produced by Scott Bruzenak, Austin Brown & Tommy Parker
Written by JoJo, Austin Brown, Tommy Parker & Scott Bruzenak

Interlude Un

Take the Canyon
Produced by Austin Brown & Scott Bruzenak
Written by JoJo, Austin Brown & Scott Bruzenak

Produced by Scott Bruzenak
Written by JoJo, Austin, Scott, Kelly Parker & Pavel Gitnik

Interlude Deux: Joel’s Jam

Thinking Out Loud
Written by JoJo, Austin Brown & Scott Bruzenak

Interlude Trois: Love This Sh*t

White Girl In Paris
Produced by Scott Bruzenak
Written by Joni Mitchell

LTS Reprise

Produced by Steve Franks
Written by JoJo

St. Patrick’s Day Interlude

Can’t Handle The Truth
Produced by Boi1da
Written by JoJo & Elijah Blake

He said he was born to be the other man…
The Pharaoh

I want to be performing 365 days a year! I want to learn and grow and get better every day and live life have fun be creative/express myself and help others to feel comfortable being themselves.

Agápē Preview HERE! (Courtesy of Complex.com)



It took me 22 years to trust myself

Too many people told me to be somebody else

They said “there’s two things you gotta do to succeed. 1- forget about you. 2- listen to me.”

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We Get By

Layin’ down on my hard wood floor again

Watching all of my deepest fears just crawling on the ceiling

These colonial bricks and beams are just not enough to hold me

All I got are my hopes and dreams and this raspberry stoli 

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Take The Canyon

Sometimes I need to paint

You could be my canvas

Sometimes I want to escape 

Even though its selfish

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3:30 in the morning time

Watching my lover sleep

With my heart wide open

All this racing in my mind

Thoughts of lovers lingering

And my eyes wide open

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Thinking Out Loud‏

We had a meeting at the farmer’s market and talked over a bottle of wine 

A parliament; my cigarette, he sparked it

And I knew I was playing with fire

Man, I shouldn’t have come here alone

I’ve been looking for love in all the wrong places

Been telling myself I’m grown

But when I look in his eyes I’m his girl and he knows it

You kiss like you love me now

You know I can’t tune that out 

Your frequency hits me less frequently

I have to haunt your dreams

You can’t stay mad at me

Just cuz we’re “supposed to be” don’t mean we’re gonna be

You can still break my heart even if we’re only messing around

Something’s different now

I’m just thinking out loud

And I try to be cool but my feelings keep pulling me down 

I’m different now

I’m just thinking out loud

White Girl In Paris‏

The way I see it,” he said

"You just can’t win it…

Everybody’s in it for their own gain

You can’t please ‘em all

There’s always somebody calling you down

I do my best

And I do good business

There’s a lot of people asking for my time

They’re trying to get ahead

They’re trying to be a good friend of mine

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